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World Books Etc. is an independent publisher that offers a variety of platforms for our readers. My permanent resident is Cleveland Ohio. I am a grant writer by trade, with more than 30 years experience, and a Master's Degree (MSUS) from Cleveland State University College of Urban Affairs. I started my own publishing Company, Worldbooks Etc., after my first book. I am currently in prison at Danbury Federal Prison Camp. I have been in prison since October 18, 2004, where I was housed with Martha Stewart, who mentored me in writing my first book at Alderson West Virginia Prison Camp. My background before prison is three decades of dealing with women and men with barriers to success, and assisting them in overcoming them. I founded my own non-profit at the time, JUMP Inc. that had measurable outcomes in overcoming family obstacles. My passion at this time in my life is writing. I set up non-profit 501-c-3 agencies, and once released will be consulting as a community development grantwriter, which is an area I have a lot of experience. My blog at blogspot depicts daily prison life, like a mini soap-opera, and my tumblr.com/bookqueenn blog presents my work, both pass and present. The quote that I live by is: "You are only as imprisoned as your thoughts and dreams." Website: www.worldbooksetc.com Email: worldbookspublishing@gmail.com Facebook:facebook.com/rhondaturpin Twitter:twitter.com/WorldBooks_Etc Prison blog: http://felonista.blogspot.com Book blog: tumblr.com/bookqueenn